How Self Storage & Street Food Go Hand In Hand

How Self Storage & Street Food Go Hand In Hand

Street food is becoming increasingly popular, and self-storage can help you with this venture if you’re planning to bless us with your culinary offerings, via a truck. Here’s how.

Street food is absolutely massive, with everything from sushi to vegan food offered out of colorful food trucks in every major city, at festivals, and in permanent residence outside transport stations. Basically street food is everywhere and as a country, we’re really happy about the colorful offerings we can find from these little kitchens on wheels. The only problem is, when you’re running a home based business like this, storage can be a real issue. Below we look at a key solution to this problem.

But First, Why A Street Food Truck?

If you’ve got a passion for giving the public modern, delicious food but you don’t have the money for a restaurant, the question is, why not a food truck. It is the perfect way to get your name on the map in as many locations as you want. You can get a permanent spot in your local city, whilst travelling to relevant events for the rest of the time. You can also do resident popups in restaurants when you want to be ‘in-house’ and then move into a restaurant when the time is right. It is a great idea for a business startup.


You’ll need to get deep in your research to make sure it is a viable business venture for you. You’ll need the truck of course, plus hygiene certificates, contacts and legal business registration. This isn’t an extensive list, of course, there’s a lot more to it. One thing we can guarantee is you will need storage to aid your business growth.

How Self Storage Can Help

Self-storage cannot help with the storage of food, but it isn’t recommended you would buy any perishable food or drink well in advance anyway. Buy as you need to so you aren’t wasting anything. Business self storage can help with everything else and if you compare self-storage prices you can find a good deal near you. It is a tiny space in that truck, you won’t be able to keep anything other than the necessary items with you. Self storage can:

  • You store equipment you may need to store as you’re building up equipment.
  • Store food and drink cartons you have bought in bulk.
  • You can even store the truck out of season if it is prepared for storage properly.
  • Help you save on expensive warehouse rates.
  • Avoid committing to a long term contract that may be an issue with seasonal dips.
  • Have access to your equipment or stock whenever you need it.
  • Provide security for your items you wouldn’t have at home.

Self-storage can’t provide passion, enthusiasm or a sound business plan, but it can play an important role in your business growth. With a food truck, you’re going to have to find the space for stock any other business would have in the office, or in the warehouse. Self-storage is the perfect option because it is cheap, flexible, easily accessible and likely local to you.