Stem cell treatments have been the hottest topic in the medical industry for a few years, and individuals have their views about the treatment, and some say these treatments are a scam, and some say these are the best available.
These are public opinions, and we cannot change that. Still, we are here to know what Dr. David Greene, Arizona, founder and CEO of R3 Stem Cell, a regenerative medicine company, says about the treatments.
Regenerative medicines have grown too fast in the past few years, and individuals have both good and bad experiences, and we will tell the reasons for that as well. First of all, we would like to mention that there are over hundreds of regenerative medicine clinics available, and only a few of them have approvals for treatments, said Dr. David Greene.
Many providers are offering treatments that are not approved, and individuals who get them got in trouble, and obviously, they will experience it so bad. But if you are receiving approved treatments, you are going to get tremendous results from that.
There is nothing wrong with regenerative medicine if your provider’s treatments are approved. R3 Stem Cell was started in 2013, and till now, the company has completed over 11000 procedures and has almost 35 clinics associated nationwide. R3 has approval from IRB, and we have never received a single complaint after treatment, mentioned David Greene Orthopedic.
R3 is the nation’s leader in stem cell training, and recently, they have started online training courses to aware individuals from therapies. Additionally, the company has begun HEROES PROGRAM a few months back, and they are providing free therapies to first responders, veterans, and teachers. Many have already received free treatments, but the selections of the candidates are made based on their stories, and a dedicated team makes selections.