First things first!

Home theatre is an exciting entrainment alternative that enables quality audio and viewing experience. A basic home entertainment system can be as simple as a 32 inch LED Smart Sony TV and a Sony home sound system or out of the box home theatre. 

However, if you are looking for more, you can rely on lots of options that you can customize to suit your preferences and budget. 

You can go through this post to know about the basic elements of a great home theatre system. Read on!

  • TV

The idea of a home theatre is to bring home amazing theatre experience. The most vital element of it is viewing a large image. You can make a choice between an LED Sony TV, Full HD TV, 4K Ultra HD TV, and Smart TV. The TVs are available in sizes from 24 inches to higher ones. You can also go for a video projector to have an incredibly big-screen viewing experience. These days, you can get a projector customized for a large and small room depending upon where you want to set up.

  • Home theatre receiver 

The next vital element in setting up a home entertainment system is audio. It has to be great else you won’t enjoy an immersive sound experience. A home theatre reliever or amplifier combination is what you need to have as the base point. A Sony home sound system is what you may find appealing to your needs. The home theatre receiver provides almost all the inputs and outputs that you need to connect all, including TV. It is an effective way of centralizing your home theatre system. A basic home theatre system provides you with the following functions: 

  • A radio tuner for AM/FM, HD Radio, Internet Radio, and satellite radio.          
  • A preamplifier to switch and control which audio and video source is selected and hands out the stereo and surround sound signals. It then sends them to correct amplifier channels and subwoofers. 
  • A built-in multi-channel amplifier to send the surround sound signals. It is also responsible for powering the speaker system. 
  • The soundbar or loudspeakers 

The next thing worth considering is a soundbar or loudspeakers, and they should be selected based on the size of your room. It would be good to form a 5 channel set up with surround systems, along with a subwoofer. 

  • Source components

You will also need to get some external components to enable elevating your audio and video entertainment to the next level. You can pick one that best suits your needs. Here is what you may be interested in choosing: 

  • DVD Player 
  • Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Ultra Blu-ray Disc Player 
  • CD Player 
  • Turntable 
  • DTH/antenna/satellite 
  • Internet streaming 

Quality Sony products to set up your home entertainment system

  • Sony Bravia X7002F 49 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED TV

It is the Sony Bravia X7002F 49 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED TV that you can consider to enjoy great picture quality and much to enhance your audio and video experience. The features of this Sony TV include: 

  • Ultra HD 4K 49 inch 3840 x 2160 pixels screen 
  • 20 W speaker output 
  • 50 Hz refresh rate 
  • 3 HDMI ports 
  • 3 USB ports 
  • Direct Netflix and YouTube button 
  • Enjoy Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video on your big screen

This Sony TV in India is available at around Rs.65,000. 

  • Sony RT40 Tall Boy System with Dolby Home Theatre (5.1 Channel) 

The Sony RT40 Tall Boy System with Dolby Home Theatre (5.1 Channel) is the perfect combination of home theatre, bar speaker, surround speakers and subwoofers. You can simply connect it with your Sony TV and start enjoying thumping sound experience. The specs of this Sony home sound system are: 

  • Configuration – 5.1 Channel 
  • USB ports – 1
  • Home theatre – 1 
  • Bar speaker – 1  
  • Surround Speakers – 2
  • Subwoofer – 1
  • Speaker bass – 2 
  • Remote control 

You can bring home this Sony home sound system at around Rs.22,000 in India. 

Buying these best Sony products to set up your home theatre and entertainment system won’t be hurting on your wallets anymore if you want to buy altogether. How?

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