Importance of Degree for a Job in India

In recent years, the standard of education being provided by the education system of India has been inadequate and the students that are graduating are not able to compete for jobs in the real world. Because of this a lot of people have started homeschooling their children. Homeschooling is good to an extent but having them homeschooled for a college education also is outrageous. A good college education is not only gonna be helpful to accomplish a degree but it will also help with the improvement of social skills and in getting rid of introverted behavior. 


The Karnataka 2nd PUC results are going to be declared soon and the parents of the students completing their 2nd PUC are debating on whether to send their children to college or to have them study the professional courses at home. Sometimes it so happens that the students themselves are not interested in pursuing higher education and are willing to start working. This is happening as there are people in the world who became successful without having a higher education. These people can be considered as role models for their hard work and they are successful only because of that hard work. 


In today’s job industry, it is beneficial to have a college degree. A college education is where an individual gets an exposure to the techniques and theories being used in the industry. It is a well-known fact that the syllabus set by the Indian Education System is outdated, but there are measures being taken by the professors in colleges and universities to keep the students updated about the new topics in the respective subjects. It is also important that the student makes an effort to be updated with the current developments. 


The SSC results 2020 Maharashtra Board is going to be released soon and the students who secure a lower percentage of marks will be disheartened to continue with their studies. These students get disheartened mostly because they are not aware of the various courses that they can do for their higher education. Most of the students before the 12th standards are educated only about traditional jobs such as engineering, management, medical, etc. There are a lot of non-traditional jobs that they might be good at but they would not know about it because they were not made aware of it. It is important that the schools or the parents of these students take the initiative to inform them about the non-traditional jobs and the higher education degrees associated with those jobs. 


Students interested in this can start researching about these jobs and the institutions that offer a course for these jobs. There are a lot of courses starting from designing to tailoring to sound engineering, it is important that students are just aware of these courses. There are educational institutions that provide a degree in these courses so students can pursue their careers in this field professionally. This is advantageous as it will create more job opportunities and a sustainable source of income too. 


People tend to focus on the negatives of going for a college education rather than the positivities. There are so many positive outcomes of getting into a college education, like, students will get a lot of exposure as colleges usually have a research and development center or an entrepreneurship club where students get to learn more about companies and business that they are curious about. Sometimes, getting involved with the college cultural club might help students find their talents and what they are most interested in. 


The students in the state of Karnataka can start applying for entrance exams into symbiosis, Bangalore institute, and a few other colleges that offer non-traditional courses even before the announcement of the Karnataka 2nd PUC results


It is important that parents consider sending their children to be educated at an educational institution, at least after a certain stage (such as primary school) as being homeschooled will cause a few problems too. Being homeschooled will mostly make the child heavily dependent on the parents and will also cause introverted behavior. These traits are not helpful as this individual will find it difficult to fit into society with the help of their parents. 

The SSC results 2020 Maharashtra Board will be announced soon and it must be made sure that students who get disheartened by the results are comforted. These students must be made aware of the various courses available that they can apply to and the courses that might help them succeed in the future.