If it is a Porsche, it is going to be expensive. But when it is Porsche, it is rewarding as well. The price it quotes is returned in terms of drive fun, in car luxuries and memorable rides. Take the example of the 2020 Porsche Panamera and it will prove this point that you’ll be getting what you are paying for.

Marking its Prominence 

A famous dealer of sports cars in Bakersfield said that this five-door performance car from Porsche has duly earned its place in the segment of premium luxury sports cars that have a special eye for the families. When you are inside any of the 2020 Porsche Panamera models, you can simply feel the fun it makes on the roads while people around you would automatically notice the presence of this iconic sports car, even in an overcrowded traffic signal or a parking slot.

Coming to the aspect of carrying people and all their luggage, there are some interesting stories to share. The 2020 Porsche Panamera in spite of being a playful sports car has not ignored its everyday usability aspect while it keeps performing the typical Porsche way.

Available Options

If you check on the 2020 year lineup of Porsche Panamera you will be asked to choose from the two body styles, two wheelbases, and one combination from the multiple powertrains. The task isn’t going to be easy on your part and we are here to help you out.

To start with let us divulge the fact that the price gap between two trims of the 2020 Porsche Panamera models is quite high. There’s plenty of options for you if price isn’t a restrictive factor. You can start with the power front, where the base Panamera models get 330-hp at their disposal while the mid-level S models will crank 440-hp. Turn to the still higher GTS level and get under the hood a 453-hp. If you are still not satisfied, Porsche will offer you a Turbo version that can perhaps make you happy with 550-hp. But how would you react if we say, even the S-E Hybrid of Panamera can curve out 677 hp while causing little harm to the environment? We hope you’ve made your choice already.

Rewards in Terms of Value Packaging 

As told to us by the Bakersfield sports car dealer, most of the 2020 Porsche Panamera trims offer a regular four persons seating arrangement. You’ll get more space for each of them if you go for the lavishly designed and trimmed long-wheelbase model, because that adds up six more inches of legroom.

If you are now focusing on the feature counts of each of these trim levels, then let us start with the base models that come wrapped in fine leather upholstery, while its infotainment system drives you through the best route following its in-built navigation, while you can keep using the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features through its 12.3-inch center touchscreen display. There you’ll find two more 7.0-inch screens to be fitted along its analog gauge cluster. All this comes as standard while the optional features will ask you if you want your model to be equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes, come decorated with fancy leathers and all that offered by the Sport Chrono package.