Throughout his career as a church leader, Pastor John Wagner has aimed to have a positive impact on both church communities and communities at large. He has served missions as far abroad as South Africa and Austria and has ministered in over 100 congregations in the United States.

Making a positive community impact is something anyone can do. All it requires is an affirmative, friendly attitude and a desire to engage with others. Let your community members know how you feel about community issues. Communication is the best resource we have for connecting with others and making a positive difference.

Getting involved in your community is a way to make a positive difference. Soup kitchens, animal shelters, and churches are always looking for volunteers. Volunteering connects you with others in the community who are also trying to have a positive impact. Also, don’t underestimate the power of prayer or meditation on Scripture, which can reinforce your positive outlook, and in turn, help you bless the lives of others.

Who is Pastor John Wagner?

A well-respected church leader and the devout follower of Jesus, Pastor John Wagner has been spreading the word of God for more than twenty years. John J. Wagner has traveled throughout Europe, South Africa, and the USA to deliver his inspirational sermons. The much-admired ministerial leader regularly speaks at international and local conferences. His words had a positive impact on all who attended the conference for International Ministers and Pastors held in New Jersey.

Pastor John Wagner has written a series of lectures for the Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center. The works include the Love of God, the Life of David, and the Life of Jesus. Pastor Wagner was also responsible for directing a television commercial promoting a Teen-Suicide hot-line. The award-winning commercial recently aired on cable television.