Poland’s Former Capital City – Krakow

Poland is a Central European country. Thanks to its central position, it makes the perfect travel destination. No matter what your ultimate travel destination is, most probably you will need to pass through Poland and stay a day or two to do a sightseeing tour around the city. Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. It’s the administrative, cultural, and business center of the country. Poland is a European country that prides itself on its rich history, cultural diversity, as well as the administrative center of Poland.


Once the capital city of Poland, Kraków is the second-largest city in Poland. It is located in the Lesser Polish region. Its history traces back to the 7th century, and thanks to its rich historical background, Kraków today is the top traveling destination in Poland. Indeed, Kraków is the artistic, cultural, and academic spirit of the country. Back in history, it was considered the trading center of Slavonic Europe. Its role as an academic center in Poland has been the result of the long tradition of academic life in Kraków. Here are some things you just can’t miss visiting while your stay in Kraków, Poland.


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For a city with such a long history behind, it comes as no surprise that there are many things to visit and do in this city. Art enthusiasts will surely want to visit the Oskar’s Schindler Factory which has been turned into a museum. It provides a detailed view of scenes from the Second World War. Indeed, it will help you understand the meaning behind Neeson’s movie, the Schindler’s List.

Whole books have been trying to depict the rich history behind the old part of the town, and not without a reason. Some highly important historical landmarks are located in Kraków and can be seen nowhere. After all, it is what has made the city endure even the hardest difficulties and revive the form as we know it today. Starting from the Mongol invasion in 1241, ending with the modern world era Kraków, it’s a long process that has transformed this city into a real tourist attraction.