Sjogren’s Syndrome Causes and Treatment| Dr. David Greene Arizona

What is Sjogren’s Syndrome? – Sjögren’s syndrome is a chronic disorder that causes insufficient moisture production in some glands of the body, primarily in the eyes and mouth. Dr. David Greene Arizona mentioned, Sjögren’s syndrome occurs when a person’s normally protective immune system attacks her/his body and damages moisture-producing glands, including salivary (saliva-producing) glands and lacrimal (tear-producing) glands. The lungs, bowel, and other organs may rarely be affected.

Main Causes of Sjogren’s Syndrome – Normally, the immune system protects the body from infection and foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses. In autoimmune diseases such as Sjögren’s syndrome, the immune system triggers an inflammatory response when there are no foreign substances to fight off, said Dr. David Greene. This inflammatory response causes the body’s white blood cells to attack and damage its own moisture-producing glands.

The exact cause for the abnormal immune response in Sjögren’s syndrome is unknown. There are four factors that may work together to cause medical problems:

  • Abnormal immune response
  • Sex hormones
  • Inheritance
  • Environment

Certain people may have a genetic or inherited factor that makes them more likely to develop Sjögren’s syndrome.

Treatment – R3 Stem Cell International offers safe and effective regenerative therapies for Sjogren’s Syndrome. The syndrome is annoying to patients for a lot of reasons, such as dry eye, mouth, and other organ system issues. To date, traditional medical treatments have not been great, so an alternative option such as stem cell therapy is welcome. 

R3 International has had amazing results with patients for Sjogren’s and all types of autoimmune conditions, mentioned David Greene Orthopedic. Patients receive either 30 million ($2950) or 50 million ($3950) stem cells in Tijuana Mexico. Call us today for a free phone consultation to see if you are a candidate. Visit for further information about the treatment.