Today every PC needs a good security program that can keep the device secure from all the dangerous malware. There are many security programs and applications available on the internet. You should install antivirus on your PC according to the device specifications and work. If you use the PC for performing simple jobs like using MS Word, MS PowerPoint then you don’t need advanced tools for protection. Using free antivirus is not enough. But if you perform advanced work on the PC then you should install a premium antivirus which can prevent all the dangerous threats entering the device. If you have connected your device with the internet then you must install antivirus which provides internet security tools as the internet is the open door for malware. 

Norton Antivirus

Norton offers a 30 days free trial where you can use all the advanced features of Norton antivirus without any cost. Finding a perfect antivirus for your device at once is not easy. Some antivirus provides better malware protection but lacks internet security or vice versa. The free trial will help you to select the best plan for your Norton antivirus. When you activate Norton using Product key; you will get an advanced anti-malware tool. Whenever you access any new file, Norton immediately runs a scan on the file to check whether the file is secure or not. If the file contains a virus or any malicious content then Norton will remove the malware from the file before loading it. But if the whole file is malicious then Norton sends the file to the quarantine folder. In case, you need to check the file then you can easily view the file in the quarantine folder. 

The browser protection feature of Norton antivirus checks every search result. When you search for anything on the internet; Norton inspects all the results and tells which link is secure to access which are not. If you click on the malicious site mistakenly then Norton immediately alerts you and blocks the site. The parental control feature of Norton is also very advanced, you can check every website visited by your kids. You can filter the websites for the kids. It also allows a special feature where you can block all the inappropriate sites like adult websites on your kids’ device. It has a geofencing tool which can easily locate the actual location of your kids. 

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus is a famous antivirus that has a good number of downloads and satisfied customers. McAfee also provides freeware for Android devices. McAfee offers a 30 day free trial to the customers. You can use the advanced features of McAfee without providing the credit card details. The award-winning virus protection feature of McAfee antivirus prevents viruses, ransomware, malware, and all the dangerous threats. This security software also provides a performance optimization tool to reduce the device junk and speed up your RAM. It blocks all the auto-play videos on the websites to increase the RAM performance. 

The safe family tool keeps your kids safe on the internet. You can check their browsing history, block the inappropriate sites, check their location via GPS to ensure that your kids are safe. McAfee also provides good assistance to where you can easily troubleshoot your McAfee Antivirus Errors 0, 12152 related queries. McAfee also provides home network security tools to keep the network secure from hackers. After 30 days, if you want to continue the McAfee features then you can easily purchase the plan. Otherwise, you can also try another McAfee antivirus plan for another 30 days free of cost.

Avast antivirus 

Avast is known as the best free antivirus. If you perform basic tasks on your device and want protection from viruses then Avast free antivirus can be considered as the best plan for you. It prevents the device from all the viruses trying to sneak into your device. The real-time protection scans all the files on run time and blocks all the virus infection. The Wi-Fi security feature of Avast antivirus checks your Wi-Fi source, if the Wi-Fi source is unsecured; Avast will alert you immediately. The premium plans of Avast antivirus provides all the advanced features like fake sites protection, personal firewall, email protection, spam protection, webcam protection, etc.

AVG antivirus

AVG antivirus provides both premium and free antivirus plans to the users. The free AVG plan includes virus protection, mobile protection, link protection, etc tools. If you don’t want to spend money on the antivirus then you can install AVG free plan to prevent virus infection on your device. The premium plan of AVG antivirus offers you an online shield, anti-spam, data safe, priority updates, personal firewalls, etc. It offers good browser protection features that prevent your network from malicious sites. Avast monitors the browser activity and ensures the user that no malware is stealing your data.

Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro antivirus provides free trials for all the plans. Trend Micro provides cloud scanning and protection. This antivirus offers all advanced features like excellent malware protection, data protection, secure browsing, VPN, password manager, etc to keep the device, data, and network fully secure from the threats.

Some other antivirus which provides freeware of free trial is Kaspersky, F-Secure, Panda security, Avira, Bitdefender. Install a good antivirus in your device and keep the device protected from every threat.