Being labeled “hacker” usually comes with a lot of negative connotations. If you call yourself a hacker, people often think of you as someone who does harm just for the sake of giggling. But, as I described in this article, I explain the difference between good and bad hackers. What is the difference between a good hacker and a bad hacker? What is the difference between a good hacker and a bad hacker? From time to time we hear something in the news that hackers are shutting down sites, using a variety of programs, or threatening to break into high-security areas where they shouldn’t belong. But, if …, there are ethical hackers who end up doing such tasks for good, not evil. But as long as ethical hackers exist, is it possible to make a living by ethical hacking?

Definition of an Ethical Hacker

An Ethical hacker with CCNA Course in UK is a person with knowledge and skills in programming and/or programming who uses specified resources to penetrate and use a computer system. While stereotypical criminal hackers break into computer systems to wreak havoc, ethical hackers try to break into systems without causing too much damage and then inform the owner of their findings. In other words, ethical hackers find gaps that criminal hackers can exploit and let the owner know about them so they can fix them before any real damage is done by the hacker. Ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing, penetration testing, and red interaction.

Becoming an ethical hacker is not an easy task – it requires a lot of knowledge, especially when it comes to the security of a computer system, and a lot of experience to try you in ethical hacking work. In case I haven’t paid enough attention to it – experience is vital, even if you have a computer science degree, a certificate or whatever you might have.

Certified Ethical Hacker

To legitimize yourself as good at ethical hacking, you can become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) by taking a vendor-independent certification course. It gives you in-depth expertise on security topics that you may or may not have covered when you gained experience on your own. However, you must complete a course or have at least two years of work experience approved by the employer to obtain the certification. Obtaining such a certification can give you the right to brag, as well as more leverage to get better jobs or higher wages. No matter how difficult you face in life the result comes out to be fruitful with Ethical Hacking.


So, as you can see, CEH course in Middle East is definitely a way to make a living. While the process of getting to this point is definitely not easy (and not for every computer guy), it can be worth it if you’re good at it and enjoy doing it. Plus, you can tell others that you are providing a service to them by keeping them safe online.