It is not always women who undergo problems regarding their breasts. Sometimes, men can face the same problem as well. It is a rather unusual situation where some men are found with boobs, called man boobs, which is also commonly known as Gynaecomastia. This can make them feel awkward and uncomfortable. In that case, they consider surgery to be the only solution to get rid of those. This particular surgery, just like any other breast surgery, might be an extremely costly affair. However, the man boob surgery cost sometimes may also vary due to many different reasons.

Understanding Gynecomastia In Detail

This common condition, often referred to as man boobs or gynecomastia, is not regular and, thus, is not seen in all men. Both men and boys can suffer from this particular condition. In this condition, their breast portion often swells, giving an appearance of an irregular, enlarged boob. Men r boys suffer from this abnormal problem mostly because of the imbalance of sex hormones. This is common mostly in boys who are newborns, teenagers, or older men. The bodies of this every aged boy and man when produces a huge amount of estrogen compared to the amount of testosterone; it abnormally enlarges their breast tissue. This is when you shall go through a man’s boob surgery.

Procedure Of A Man Boob Surgery

Men, while preparing themselves for this male boob surgery or gynecomastia surgery, needs to know everything that is included in the procedure of this particular surgery. If you have excess breast tissue, there are two options that you can consider depending on the type of excess that you might be having. The man boob surgery cost would also matter depending on these options. These two options include:

  •     Liposuction – If you have excess fat in your breast area, then you can ask the doctor to perform a simple procedure of liposuction. This procedure is quite popular and well-known among people. It is generally performed under the influence of the general or local anesthetic. Your cosmetic surgeon will also make certain incisions to remove that excess fat. So, this is a surgical procedure as well.
  •     Male Boob Reduction – If your gland tissue in the breast area is excess, your cosmetic surgeon would recommend this particular reduction surgery. To perform this surgery, the use of general anesthetics can be enough. A cut would be made around your nipple area that might be repositioned or extended just to remove that excess tissue.

Cost of Man Boob Surgery                                     

Depending on the procedure that your surgeon is recommending to you, the man boob surgery cost would vary. Every country and every city have some very specific rate charts for the cost of each procedure of male boob surgery. Not only that but also the surgeon and the clinic that men are choosing for their surgeries can also be a large determining factor in this case. Find out the cost of this particular surgery in your city before you finally go for it.