Sotech has announced the opening of their brand-new showroom in The Building Centre in Bloomsbury London.


Stocked with samples of their market leading rainscreen cladding solutions and a range of materials and finishes available, the London based showroom is a functional meeting spot for architects and customers who want to explore the Sotech range in person.


“We have had a state-of-the-art North East showroom for over 20 years. With a lot of our clients being London based, we wanted to create a really functional meeting spot to discuss projects and develop specifications.


It had to be more than a coffee conversation in a meeting room. We wanted to be able to practically demonstrate the way our systems work. We wanted the architects to see the materials available and feel the finishes for themselves.


Sotech selected The Building Centre because of its location and its unique mission to inspire, connect and empower people to improve the quality of our built environment.



Please note that Sotech’s showroom in the Building Centre is not usually staffed. To be met by one of our Technical Experts at the Building Centre (or at your offices), please call using the number below. Alternatively, visitors are invited to use the interactive door bell on the stand to com