If we talk about advancement in the field of gun devices then speed loader can be discussed. A speed loader is a technical tool which is used for loading a gun. However, most people do not know its proper functioning and mechanics. It is a better way of reloading guns as it saves time and work by filling the chambers with bullet at once in a very short period. Several types of speed loaders are available in the market from which people choose their preferred loader according to their purpose of use. At starting, people should go for universal speed loaders. Only after getting proper skillsshould one look into speed loaders with specific usage. As using a pistol is a skillful and responsible task, each individual must be aware of the different types of this product and follow the guidelines revolving around each type’s usage. Some different types of speed loaders can be observed as follows:

  • Rubber ring: It is known to be the simplest of speed loaders. The ring sheet is made up of rubber, making it one of the cheapest models amongst the various types of loaders. One sleeve of the gun is indented and the rim is placed in the cartridge. Then the round spaces of the chambers are aligned in the same direction. After that, the person is required to place all the rounds in the pistol and ensure it is done so perfectly. At last speed loader is softly pushed out.
  • Circular latched: It is considered to be high in demand in the fictional cinema world as well as in the real world. The working related to circular latched models is very technical. It has circulating knobs which make the task of loading the bolted holes easy. To reload using a circular latched speed loader, one only need to rotate the cylinder one side, insert the bullets and then rotate it back to the other side to close it.
  • Press release type: The working of circular latched design and pressure release type in terms of their technology usage is almost of the same level. The main thing that press release has is a button which makes the bullet set in motion which is followed by speed loader coming out automatically after the action.

Most commonly used gun by people for their protection is 22lr. It comes in a compact size because of which it is preferred by people for self-defense as well as for shooting practice. To keep the functioning of the pistol smooth, a magazine is required. Fortunately, the latest speed loader for 22lr magazine is now available in the market. 

The speed loader is a one-time investment so it should be of a good brand so that it provides durability, reliance and does not damage the pistol. A speed loader ought to be selected by keeping all these factors in mind so that it can prove to be effective while using. Using a gun is not a child’s play so it should be used very cautiously, according to the proper guidelines and instructions. So, you need to know how to a use speed loader before using it.