Before leaving for Australia, international students must be aware of courses, scholarships and universities. They need to be careful, especially when it comes to fulfilling student visa objectives. In some cases, they could end up with visa refusals if they opt for the wrong courses.

So, the right advice from education consultants is necessary. The right advice from these professionals at the right time benefits them eventually.

Why choose Australian education consultants? Consider the following

  1. They help you choose the right courses

As far as the country’s higher education is concerned, 1,100 universities offer 22,000 courses. Several institutes cater to not just domestic students alone, but they also have a sizeable number of overseas students. It is advisable to consult the education professionals who guide you in such a way wherein you can opt for a course that shapes your career.

  1. They help you with the right advice for health cover, coaching etc.

When one thinks of studying abroad, securing admissions is just one part of the problem. There are various other aspects like choosing adequate health cover, English exam coaching, accommodation etc. Often, seasoned Australian education consultants can help you identify the best companies offering health insurance abroad, or the best coaching services for your English exam. Some consultants may even have industry tie-ups with service providers, and help you get a better deal when it comes to insurance and English-language test coaching.

  1. They can point you to University scholarships you may be eligible for

If you plan to study in the island nation, a scholarship from the University saves you from burning a hole in your purse. Experienced Australian education agents can introduce you to partner Universities or Institutes that regularly offer scholarships that you may be eligible for.

A Look at Best Universities in Australia

  • Top 10 Australian universities in 2020

As per the latest QS World University Rankings 2020, Australian National University has taken the lead with University of Melbourne and University of Sydney securing second and third spot respectively.

The other seven universities are

  • New South Wales University
  • Queensland University
  • Monash University
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of South Australia
  • Macquarie University
  • The University of Canberra. 

One of the varsities accepting the highest number of overseas students is RMIT University. Over 26,000 students study in RMIT followed by 22,000 at Monash and Curtin with 15,000. In terms of the highest percentage of students enrolled in different universities, it is Federation University with 48%, RMIT came a close second with 46% whereas 40% at Murdoch University.

Nearly half of the international student population at RMIT are at the undergraduate level. The percentage is equally high at postgraduate level.

  • What are the criteria you need to follow?

Before applying for Australia Student Visa, students have to secure a document called Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from the University concerned.

The document is issued after the University has received the fee payment, and the student has met the Overseas Student Health Cover requirement.

One of the criteria that cannot be overlooked is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE).

GTE is a written statement wherein the student has to explain why he/she intends to visit the country, purpose of the study, how the course benefits him. The student also has to furnish yearly expense proofs. In addition, he has to show a copy that he has fulfilled criteria of PTE as some Australian universities accept the English proficiency test.

The more details the student provides along with the statement, the better it is. Also, the student has to explain when he/she plans to returns to the home country. In other words, the applicant has to prove genuineness for the visa grant.


Last but not least, it is the overseas education consultants offering assistance on courses, universities and requirements detailing student visa. It is advisable to discuss issues with the best education consultants if you want to avail information on the visa procedures and understand the eligibility criteria in detail.