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We all have heard of COVID-19. At this point, unless you live under a rock, you know the virus has been running rampant since 2019 and has shown no signs of slowing. If you are like most people with an air filtration system, you’ve pondered the effectiveness and ability to eliminate viruses. Unfortunately, there is no air filtration system that can heal your lungs of a virus like COVID-19. Even in a case where you take all the precautions (hand sanitizer, changing your clothes, gloves, mask, etc.), the virus can still creep into your lungs, and therefore in your house. While this is true, it is not completely a bad idea. Examining different air filters and their effectiveness against viruses can still improve overall quality of life.


Air Scrubbers

In particular, air scrubbers are believed to be the most efficient in combating a virus like COVID-19. To explain how they work, it is pretty simple. Microscopic oxygen and water molecules that are in the air travel into the purification unit of the product. These molecules are turned into what are referred to as oxidizers. The oxidizers are released back into the air to attack contaminants in the air and surface of the home. The advantage this has over many other air filtration systems is that the oxidizers locate the contaminants rather than having to rely on HVAC to bring the contaminants to them. As stated, this product hasn’t been tested against COVID-19, but its effectiveness against eliminating contaminants is top tier.

installing air scrubbers can be a good investment

Why these anyway?

Many people don’t realize that symptoms like coughing, sneezing, headaches, etc. can all be linked to unhealthy air. Air can become unhealthy after a buildup of pet dander, mold, pollen, dust, bacteria and viruses, and VOCs. Cleaning your house regularly can reduce some of these problems, but not thoroughly.


One that Can Kill COVID-19

According to recent developments and studies, one developed by Aerus can kill COVID-19. This is groundbreaking news, being that all models in the past have been unsuccessful in doing so. The testing data by the FDA showed a 99.98% surface kill rate of the virus. Homeowners should truly consider this product for their home, especially for those with young children or elderly family.



Listed here are the benefits to the Aerus Air Scrubber:

  • Reduces risk of being exposed to viruses and bacteria that have an overall effect on your health.
  • It is proven to kill more than ninety percent of RNA viruses
  • It is proven to be effective against E.Coli and many other illness causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Reduces the number in common cold and flu cases.
  • Reduces the number of respiratory issues.
  • Uses ionized negative ions.

Ionized negative ions benefits

  • Removes dust particles from the air
  • Removes bacteria that expels odors
  • Gets rid of dust and other harmful particles
  • Gets rid of contaminants that trigger asthma


A Good Investment

Whether you are extremely at risk for catching COVID-19 or not, this product is a good investment that all homeowners should consider to improve quality of life.