The global casino industry has massively changed complexion over the last few decades, especially as the Internet has become the all-conquering force that many people anticipated back in the 90s. The most important change in all of this is the evolution of online casinos, something that has made it so much easier for people around the world to engage in casino gambling games. Of course, there is undeniably one online casino game that is the most popular, and that is online slots.

Oh yes, Novibet slots online account for more than a third of all global casino gambling revenue, which is a solid example of quite how popular they are. Developers like Yggdrasil, Big Time Gaming and NetEnt consistently release top-tier modern online slots, and it seems as though they attract an exponentially rising number of slot gamblers too. Keep reading for a few reasons why online slots have become a cool hobby in 2020.

A cool way to try out virtual reality technology

Did you know there are virtual reality online slots in the 21st century? Pretty crazy right, and virtual reality online slots can be a cool way to try out virtual reality too. The majority of virtual reality video games are just video games, but with virtual reality slots you actually have the chance to win some money!

Whilst there are some virtual reality slots available in 2020, many gambling analysts expect virtual reality slots to get a lot more prominent in the future. Who knows? Maybe all online slots will be virtual reality by 2030!

Covid-19 global pandemic results in more leisure time

2020 has been a strange old year, something best exemplified by the global Covid-19 pandemic that has ravaged the world over the last several months. This has caused all manner of disruption, however one slightly positive thing is the fact that people have much more leisure time at their hands due to things like furlough.

And what is the best way to spend leisure time in 2020? Playing slots like Inspired Gaming’s Centurion, for example, or the Barcrest classic Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix. What else can you do in your leisure time that has the potential to earn you as much money?

Mobile slots are just so convenient to play

The rise of mobile slots over the past decade has been mercurial, and that shouldn’t be surprising considering how convenient mobile slots are to play these days. You can spin those reels from quite literally everywhere – on the commute to work, under the table at a meeting… anywhere!

Mobile slots are also impeccably designed, because developers know that this is the main platform for slot gamblers in 2020.

2020 slots have extremely fun bonus features

Modern slot bonus features just keep getting better and better, and it isn’t uncommon to find slots with bonus features that are much like video games. It all makes for one hell of a cool playing experience if you ask us.