A recruitment agency in Dubai

There is no doubt that Dubai’s economy depends on a never-ending supply of incredible employees and employers. It is an attractive market for the cheapest company formation in Dubai.

Human Resources experts from all over the world have set up recruitment companies in Dubai. The scope is extremely high because of the variety and scale of employees needed.

Apart from that, investors all around the world are all over the dreams of setting up a company in Dubai. To have a successful running of a company we need skilled employees. These businesses are in high need of employees, especially a trusted recruitment agency.

You ought to follow these points which we have compiled for you to become the next trusted recruitment agency.

How to start an employment agency in Dubai?

First of all, getting started with a recruitment company is quick and simple. We recommend you to get advice from a business setup company in Dubai to be more efficient from the beginning itself. They will make you aware of the registration process,  required documents, licenses, cost, etc. Below are several points to consider when starting a recruiting agency in Dubai.

License for a Recruiting Agency

Please note that only UAE nationals are eligible to apply for a recruitment agency license in Dubai, according to current laws. This simply means that if you want to open an agency, you will need to sign in contract with a UAE national.

Consultants will assist you in not only locating a UAE national who can assist you but also in structuring a contract that protects your interest. Alternatively, most free zone jurisdictions in the UAE encourage expats to open recruitment agencies. Business consultants will assist you in establishing an organization in the most appropriate jurisdiction.

Types of the recruitment agency licenses

There are two types of recruitment agency licenses in Dubai, they are Brokerage license and Temporary Recruitment License. Let’s discuss more on them.

Brokerage license

A brokerage license enables you to fulfill activities relating to filling job roles that are between UAE and foreign nationals as well as UAE and foreign companies.

It allows the respective recruitment agencies to :-

1) Allow applications from foreign and UAE  nationals who are actively seeking a job.

2) They receive requests from clients who are looking for employees from The UAE and abroad.

3) They can create a database that exhibits available jobs and post new jobs

4) Exchange and obtaining information of candidates and employers based on hiring requirements.

Temporary Recruitment License

A Temporary Recruitment License acts as a great license for employment agencies that want entire responsibilities such as shortlisting, interviewing, and placing employees for the available number of job openings for the clients. Also, they can hire People from UAE or abroad, and in such a scenario,  the sponsor for foreign employees is the Dubai recruitment agency.

Types of recruitment agencies that come under Temporary Recruitment License are

1) Traditional Recruitment Firms

2) Executive Search Agencies

3) Specialist Agencies

4) Large Scale Labor Recruiters

5) Temporary Recruitment Agencies

Documents needed to set up a recruitment agency in Dubai

company formation in Dubai

We require certain documents to strongly move on with the company formation in Dubai. Also, please ensure whether you have the below-given documents.

1) Firstly, you need copies of the passports of the company shareholders.

2) Secondly, you require a copy of the applicant’s family book.

3) Thirdly, you need copies of the ID cards of the nationals.

4) Next you need a statement of good conduct.

5) Another significant document to have is a copy after the trade name application with the Trade Register.

6) Then, It is important to have shareholders written statements on the opening of the company.

7) Finally, you should have a blueprint of the employment agency’s location.

Rules and guidelines

The Dubai MR1283 has protective guidelines for employees seeking jobs through an employment company or a recruiting agency.

Jobs business must also deposit 2,000 Dirhams for each employee brought into Dubai, in addition to the guarantee. Therefore the legislation on the Licensing and Control of Private Employment Agencies stipulates that employment firms will be kept responsible for their responsibilities to workers for the sake of accountability. So, job business and recruiting companies must hire skilled employees and also remember to employ a proficient manager.

According to the orders of the Labor Ministry, it’s only possible for the Dubai recruitment agencies to collect a limited amount of money from clients.

Employment agencies in Dubai are required to explicitly state the terms and conditions of the contract. They are fully responsible for the employee’s responsibilities and are responsible for keeping the records of the employees from the last three years.

In Dubai’s free zones, expats can open recruitment agencies. It is essential to note that foreign workers don’t have any criminal records on them, to get approval from Ministry.

According to the law MR  1283 which was released in the year 2011 by the Ministry of Labor, the government allows licensing for a private employment agency. But it has to be an authorized international outsourcing company to venture into Dubai. Recruiting ex-pats is the main priority of a recruitment license holder business in Dubai. A recruiting authorization allows you to put workers in permanent positions in the business.

Cost for setting up a  recruitment agency in Dubai

The cost varies, from the size, type of setup, and location of the company. Only these factors help us in determining the accurate cost of setting up a recruitment agency. Even if it is the case with, recruitment agency the start-up cost for the company is the cheapest company formation in Dubai a relatively low.

However, free zone licensees range from AED 9,600 including no visa application. Therefore the inclusion of visas for six weeks or above can cost you up to AED 24,700.


To conclude, recruiting firms do more than just finding and contacting applicants for their clients. They also want to provide applicants with better career opportunities. A recruiter’s motivation is to do their best to provide what it takes. If you want to start your own recruiting company in Dubai and help more people achieve their dreams, follow the main points of the blog along with some personal research.