Local pet shops are great sources of income for their owners and also means of work opportunities for many workers. Drawing maximum attention to your local pet shop is the main objective. Lots of people keep dogs, cats, tortoises, hamsters, birds, and whatnot when it comes to pets. Pet shops provide food, accessories, and also livestock for pets and their owners.

Despite pet shops not being the highest-numbered retail outlets in high streets, whatever there are can be highly in demand. Also, many pet shops can often go unnoticed by local people. So, how do you make people drawn towards your local pet shop? You can start by making it look more attractive and then focusing on all advertisement provisos. Here are some tips that can help:

1: Advertise Well Outside the Store

If your local pet shop is located nicely in local high streets or town centers, you have the perfect opportunity to increase the footfall in it. Simply, advertise in a friendly attractive way outside the store for best results. Make sure everyone passing by knowing exactly what your pet shop is all about. Use pet portraits, printed signs and/or fancy add-ons to make your pet shop look attractive.

A video display outside the front door or on top of the door looks attractive as well. This way, you can have beautiful pets right on display for people to adore and walk into the store from. Have life-sized stuffed pets in the store windows for people to see and know about your store. Anything that tells people exactly what you have in the store helps attract them towards it.

2: Use Large Windows to Show Off the Pets to Passersby

Letting people see the pets is probably the most attention-grabbing thing you can do for the local pet shop. This can be done when you have large see-through clear windows. Large clear glass panels can be used on windows to let people see those adorable pets. Also, make sure to get your pet cages, beds or boxes near those windows.

During bright hours of the day, you can use something like roller window blinds on these large panels. Too much light and heat from the sun can be blocked using blinds or shutters. People passing by should be able to see those adorable pets, their accessories, and living arrangements to attract them in-store. Once they are in, you can sell them what they are most interested in.

3: Use Impressive Open Floor Windows Blinds Designs

Open floor window designs suit local pet shops perfectly. These not only expand the view of your pet shop but also make things look bright from the outside. Do not jam-pack your shopfloor with many accessories, cages or whatever. Keep the floor open for customers and free to roam pets if you have that style of a store implemented.

An impressive open floor design always needs to be opened up windows for local pet shops. Use attractive wooden window blinds or shutters to shut on windows when needed or not servicing. Open floor designs make people feel comfortable with lot of space to move about when they are in store. People coming in pet shops usually have kids with them too. Open floor designs help with that too.

4: Keep All Customer Accessible Areas Clean and Tidy

Customer accessible areas should always be kept clean and tidy. Pet shops, where they might have the liberty to move around, can get not so clean quickly. It is always the best idea to keep your customer-accessible areas clean, tidy and allergens-free.

Do regular cleaning for customer-accessible areas of the local pet shop. Appoint dedicated cleaning staff if you need to guarantee always cleaned and tidied up customer accessible areas on the shopfloor. Ensure to make customer-accessible areas smell nice and fresh as well.

5: Run Marketing Campaigns Across All Channels

Local pet shop is always as good as the marketing you do for it. Make sure to run marketing campaigns on all platforms and local channels. Let people know of your shop’s exact location and what you sell through ads and print media as much as possible. Always dedicate quite a bit of your budget towards marketing for best footfall results.

  • Advertise on local TV channels
  • Marketing campaigns on local radio channels
  • Digital marketing including social media and search engine optimization
  • Local newspaper and magazine ads, banners and shoutouts
  • Spread leaflets or brochures for your local pet shop across the town

6: Offer Free Sweets or Chocolates Upon Arrival

Sweets don’t cost a pretty penny at all. Mints, chews, pastels and whatever you can get cheaply can be great for potential customers. Get a mascot to stand outside the shop door and distribute free sweets to passersby. When someone walks in store, greet them with a warm welcome and free sweets.

These are all little things that can have a big impression for the local pet shop. Candies or sweets all have the ability to charm up moods of people. If you can, get candy or sweets wrapping matching to your store colors. All these can help increase the actual footfall for your local pet shop any day of the year.


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