Porting their mobile number to a different network provider is one of the awesome facilities that are provided to telecom customers. Many benefits can be enjoyed by moving your mobile number to different telecom operators. This includes better plans, better benefits, lower tariffs, better network coverage, etc. There are some criteria that you need to meet to be eligible for the porting. These include your number being older than 90 days on the current network, no change of ownership request being under process, and no order from the court of law prohibiting the porting. If you are currently a postpaid customer you also need to pay your outstanding dues and bills and any contract amount as applicable to become eligible for porting. Once you have met the criteria specified by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI, qualifying you for the number porting, you can put forward your request for porting.

How to request for mobile number porting?

Once you have ensured that you meet the criteria for porting you can request for your UPC or Unique Porting Code. Your UPC is generated by TRAI after checking with your current service provider regarding your eligibility. The process of generating the UPC is very simple and can be carried out in just a few minutes. To generate the code you need to send a message with the text “PORT<Space>Mobile Number” to the TRAI helpline number 1900. You will shortly receive the UPC that you need to share with your new network provider. The alphanumeric UPC can also be generated after you have discussed the situation with your new network operator to save time. Once the UPC has been generated it is only active for 4 days within which the porting process must be completed. If the process is not completed within this time the UPC expires and you need to repeat the process again.

Checking the MNP Status online

Once you have shared the UPC with the new network provider, you can expect the MNP process to be completed within the stipulated time. TRAI guidelines dictate that whenever the number is being transferred within the same licensed service area or state, the request must be completed within 3 working days. For a shift from one LSA to another, such as West Bengal LSA to Karnataka LSA, the request should be completed within 5 working days. The same request can take up to 15 days in case of the North-East Indian states as well as in Jammu & Kashmir. The SMS alerts are sent at each stage of the porting process to keep the customer informed. Apart from that the customer can also MNP website and provide their UPC to check their porting status online.

If you are porting to Airtel you can enjoy some additional benefits such as a free SIM card of Airtel that will be delivered to your doorstep by Airtel executives. You can also submit your KYC documents here to avoid getting out of home at any point in time. The live porting status is also available through the Airtel Thanks app where you can log in using the number that you are porting and the UPC.