Whether you are a seasoned cigar enthusiast who desires a brand new box opened each time you light up a stick or simply like to always have some new boxes on hand for enjoyment, custom cigar box printing is a valuable tool that should always be employed in conjunction with prior knowledge and expertise. The process of utilizing a printing service to create a brand new packaging will often times come with many different options and solutions. You might choose to purchase a standard size box, personalized with your desired name and artwork, or utilize one of the many pre-printed varieties available. Whatever the case, know that there are numerous options for you to choose from when creating your brand new custom packaging.

Famous Cigar Boxes

Famous Cigar Boxes by Kraft Paper Products is one of the most popular options utilized by many different consumers around the world. Famous Cigar Boxes can be customized from begin to finish with the use of a variety of special finishing techniques. These include everything from foil stamping to die cutting, along with various type of customization for the text and images that are included on the packaging. Famous Cigar Boxes are also made using different colored paper which will enable you to select the exact colors that you need in order to enhance your overall marketing campaign. If you want to spice things up, simply purchase one of their basic designs and personalize it with a bit of your own creativity.

Custom Boxes Market

Custom Boxes Market is another option you may want to check out. Custom Boxes Market is one of the newest manufacturers of cigar box packaging. They currently offer a variety of packaging solutions including custom cigar boxes and cases that are customizable. Custom Boxes Market cigars are also manufactured using various color schemes. If you are interested in giving a gift that is completely unique and speaks volumes to the receiver, this is likely the best option for you to choose. You can even request a specific color or pattern design support if you desire.

Customized Cardboard Printing

With the help of the Internet, there are more options available to you when it comes to selecting a company that offers customized cardboard printing. Many companies utilize the Internet as their main marketing resource. In this case, you are likely to encounter a large number of companies that claim to provide superior service while at the same time being able to meet all of your business needs. In order to make a good decision, it is important that you spend some time doing some research so that you will have an idea of what each company can do for you.

Eco-friendly Kraft

Two companies that you should definitely consider are Eco-friendly Kraft and Custom Boxes Market. Both of these companies utilize eco-friendly kraft paper for most of the wrappers they produce as well as utilizing other eco-friendly methods of creating boxes and other add-ons for their products. Eco-friendly Kraft is a family-owned business that uses old-fashioned kraft paper that is manufactured in the original state of production. They pride themselves on using only renewable resources, which means that the paper will not harm the environment and will not be depleted any time soon.

Eco-friendly Materials

On the other hand, Custom Boxes Market uses eco-friendly materials such as soy ink. This printing process produces beautiful art that is printed directly onto the cardboard pieces. The company has also designed their packaging company with an eye to using recycled cardboard. Any time that a cardboard piece is no longer required, such as when a new product is manufactured, the company recycles it into another form of recycling.

Create High-quality Cardstock

It should also be noted that both companies print with thermal transfer. Thermal transfer is a wonderful method that is used to create a high-quality cardstock that will not fade, melt, or warp. Most companies print on both sides of the custom handmade cigar box that contains the cigar. By using a thermal transfer process, you ensure that the colors will not fade over time, which will be a real problem if you were to display your newly purchased cigar in an old-fashioned cigar box with a cracked interior.

Custom Cigar Boxes

There are many other methods that are being utilized by custom cigar boxes and cigar accessories manufacturers. The bottom line is that cigar enthusiasts love their cigars and do everything that they can to preserve them. Custom cigar boxes have come along way from the cardboard boxes that most were kept in. Now they are making great gifts for weddings, anniversaries and retirement parties.