Asthmatics Guide to Preparing for a Crisis

After the pandemic, everybody’s normal has changed. You might have stocked up on household supplies and everyday consumables. The price of stocks in this category, like Coupang stock, went up due to high demand.

Preparedness is essential for the future of everyone. When you have a respiratory issue, the crisis requires specific supplies. Here are ten things to help prepare for a crisis.


– Prescriptions and medical supplies
– Solar-powered battery charger
– First aid kit
– Masks
– Plastic garbage bags and ties
– Buckets
– Sanitizer
– Wipes
– Tools
– Personal documents

Prescriptions and Medical Supplies

There are many online sites that offer some excellent respiratory crisis supplies that are essential for such situations. Asthmatics or those people with respiratory issues a crisis can be deadly. Being prepared is essential.

Have all of your prescriptions stored in case of a crisis. Sheltering in place means no trips out. Some places have delivery but have your respiratory supplies ready. If another respiratory virus hits us again, asthmatics need to be ready. The AAFA (Asthma, Allergy Foundation of America) recommends asking your doctor if epinephrine is needed for a crisis.

Solar Powered Battery Charger

If you use an electric device for breathing or respiratory treatment, you need one of these. There are several choices today that are reasonably affordable. They allow the devices to use electricity even if there is a power failure. While the recent pandemic didn’t cause that for most, it’s good to be ready in case.

First Aid Kit

If epinephrine is needed for your allergic reactions, make sure you have that in your kit. Check to make sure refrigeration is not required as well. Basic supplies like bandages and antiseptics are important. Scissors and tape should be in the kit, along with thermometers and covers as well.


Air-borne dangers and germs could happen in a crisis. Masks that help protect the lungs from things that trigger an asthmatic are an addition to the crisis preparedness list.

Plastic Garbage Bags

These bags are important to use as an emergency toilet and throw away the garbage. Germs have to be avoided and plastic bags and the ties to close them properly are important. This goes with a little trick used in emergencies for sanitation.


If a plastic bag is placed over a bucket, it can be used as a toilet. Simply tie the refuse up with the ties and dispose of it. Buckets are also used in water gathering, so have a few on hand that are large enough to supply the family.


Sanitizer comes next after using the bathroom or cleaning in general. In a pinch, this can serve to wash hands. It should be at least 75% alcohol content to sanitize the hands. Also, be sure to check the scent. Some of the sanitizers smell terrible. You don’t want one that makes you feel unwell when you need it the most.


Wipes are another way to wash if water is scarce. This keeps the germs away and prevents catching those viruses which have come to be a part of our modern age. Wipes are already wet too. You can use the sanitizer with wipes to get a better clean without water in a crisis. They are also amazing things to have for cleaning spots and messes that inevitably happen in life.


Tools are essential as well in a crisis to keep yourself and your family safe. There are kits that can be purchased inexpensively to have on hand, just in case. Building things and repairs don’t go away just because life is going as planned.

Personal Documents

Personal documents are more important than most people think in a crisis. Situations could come up when leaving the area is required to remain safe. Fires and other crises are an example of this. Have your documents for identity and birth, marriage, and so on for that. Kiplinger tells you how to think about that level of preparedness. That way you are ready if the moment ever comes up.

If the time comes and you need to be ready, this list can help you be prepared. Your health does not need to be compromised just because the world or your area is in crisis. Asthmatics are just one group of people that have specific needs for an emergency. Food and water are also important, but these specifics listed above are some things many never think about.