Expert Sofa Upholstery Maintenance Guide

A home is a special place for everyone. It’s a space that resonates with family, love, happiness, and comfort. The furniture is an important part of any house. The sofas, chairs, tables make up the furniture in the house. The sofas in a big furniture piece in the living room and counts for a big investment. It’s a space where everyone in the family comes together to talk with each other. The sofas are also used for sitting purposes of guests, who come in the house to meet.

It’s a necessary basic piece of furniture which every house must-have. Good furniture adds an element of class, versatility and also makes your sitting comfortable. Furniture takes a lot of wear and tear every day. Normally, your furniture is bound to get some spills of hot and cold beverages or some stains of food on it. Upholstery too is an important furniture investment and you certainly always opt for a quality one that will protect your furniture piece, so you won’t want it to get dirty. While there are ways to protect your sofa upholstery, like covering it up with sofa covers, chances are the sofa will get dirty someday or another. Here we try to solve your problem by guiding you on how to maintain your upholstery sofa:-

1- Choosing the right fabric:- It goes without saying that choosing the right kind of fabric upholstery for your sofa is crucial. The fabric depends on your sofa style, your space interiors, lifestyle, and other factors like the children and animals in your house. All these things play an important role in determining the fabric for your sofa. Choosing the right fabric will help you maintain the upholstery furniture easily while ensuring durability. 

2- Choosing Right Placement Space- The upholstery furniture, like a sofa, is usually placed in the living room of your house. It is a sitting place for guests and family to sit together. Choosing the right place for your upholstery sofa can help reduce your efforts in maintaining the upholstery. The dirt particles from the window or the sunlight rays can impact the color and overall health of your sofa fabric. It looks rusty when exposed to sun and heat. The humidity and heat during the summer make it retain the odor of food or drink spill. You should always choose the right spot while placing your sofa to avoid any damages. 

3- Clean your sofa regularly:-  Upholstery furniture is one of the most expensive items in your home. Like any other item in your house, it also needs regular cleaning to maintain its longevity. Cleaning is as important as cleaning your house is. The fibers in upholstery are quick to absorb the dirt particles and hide them below surface level. You must ensure that the furniture doesn’t leave any marks and lose color on it while cleaning with a cloth. 

4 – Use Vacuum –  It is commonly believed that upholstery fabric is less durable. Some upholstery light fabric colors like white, cream, and ivory look premium but are more prone to dirt and dusting. Vacuuming your sofa once a week is a good way to maintain its longevity. It helps in removing the dust and dirt that gets deposit on the surface of sofa upholstery fabric. Use vacuum on the entire sofa: arms, backs, seats, and cushions. Remove the cushions placed on the sofa to vacuum as much underneath as you can. It is recommended to use the vacuum with an upholstery attachment to avoid any marks on the sofa.

5 – Use a dry cloth for cleaning – Stains are tough to deal with, especially when they happen on your favorite sofa upholstery. It’s important to deal with the stains as soon as it occurs. It’s useful to always keep a clean dry cloth in case of an emergency like a spill of a drink or a stain from food. Whenever any stain happens, it is recommended to use a dry cloth to absorb it. You should always deal with it gently to avoid any chances of stain marks. You should never rub the cloth on the surface of the sofa, even if the stain is tough to deal with. Rubbing it hard can damage the fabric of the upholstery. In case of severe stains, use a spot treatment.

Final words

Furniture like a sofa is an important piece of item in your house, and no one wants their sofa and chair covers to get dirty. But, spills of drinks and stains of food are indeed bound to happen on furniture’s surface. Therefore, it is important to take care of its regular maintenance. You should include additional safety measures like sofa covers, Irelandto protect it from damages. You should avoid scratching marks on light colors like white and cream. Let it get dry naturally after cleaning to prevent any creases from forming on the surface.