How much do slot machine games cost to play?

The beauty of slot machines is that they cater to all kinds of gambling budgets. They appeal to the high rollers and those who are on a far more modest budget as well. Slots can offer decent returns on whatever wagering amounts that punters choose to play with. You can even win jackpot’s whilst wagering tiny amounts of your bankroll. 

What amount you wager is completely up to you and because there are so many wagering choices, it is also easy to keep within a budget, and this is a very important part of modern-day gambling. Another thing to remember is to always check the wagering amount on mobile slots at slots baby before you spin them. This is because they are not all automatically set on the lowest possible betting stake, so you could accidentally make one spin that costs you most of your bankroll if you are not careful. 

Betting Choices 

There are more betting ranges to choose from when playing online slots when compared to land-based ones. Even though some slots may have a minimum bet of 10p, they do allow you to change the number of pay lines that are active during each spin. Games like Book of Dead and Cleopatra allow you to play with just one active pay line. 

Slot Wagering Controversy 

The cost of spinning slot games is a controversial one, and this controversy has led to recent law changes. Fixed Odds Betting Terminals found mostly in betting shops were the main focus of new government legislation. After a long consultation between pressure groups, politicians, and the UK gambling industry, the UK Gambling Commission restricted the maximum bet that could be placed on these Fixed Odds Betting Terminals from £200 to £2.00. 

Pressure is now mounting on the online gambling industry and the brands that offer gambling products through online casinos, to lower the maximum betting stake available on each slot spin. You can still spin a slot for £200 and charities and pressure groups see this as a major problem. The tendency with online gamblers is to chase their losses, or if they hit a lucky streak, then they tend to raise their bets. This is seen as problematic and an obvious path into gambling addiction and debt. 

It is believed that the next major law changes on the horizon we’ll see maximum bets that can be placed on an online slot game drastically reduced to similar levels that were forced on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. 

Can Casinos Survive Further Changes? 

If the max bet was lowered to £2.00 across all forms of online gambling then this would have a massive impact on the revenue created by individual casino brands, it may even put some of the small casinos out of business. This is what the UK Gambling Commission and the UK government will have to bear in mind before passing any more laws. Until then, UK punters are still free to choose between a huge range of different betting options on slots. Ultimately, it is up to the individual how much they want to spend on these games, but the most important thing remains and that is to be in control of your gaming.