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Common Moffett Forklift Injuries & How to Prevent Them

When you buy a Moffett forklift for sale, the first thing any business needs to make sure of is safety. It includes protection for both the machine and its workers. But before introducing the safety precautions, you must understand what kind of injuries you can expect at the workplace. Therefore, in this article, we’ve listed down the common injuries along with the prevention method for each of them.

Without further delay, let’s get started.

Head Injuries

This injury has the highest ratio when it comes to Moffett forklift. The falling of objects can cause severe injury, and in some cases, it can be fatal as well. Using an overhead guard can somewhat provide protection, but it won’t be effective if something heavy falls. Therefore, the best solution to avoid head injuries is to train the forklift operator on how to load and unload the products safely.

Chronic Pain

Sitting on the seat for too long and performing repetitive movements will always affect the human body. We have seen many forklift operators complaining about constant back pains or musculoskeletal strain injuries. To avoid these problems make sure the Moffett forklift model you are using has a comfortable seat. Also, some machine comes with 180-degree rotation feature that can help to avoid such problems in the long run.

Bodily Injuries

While working around such heavy machinery, the chances of bodily injuries increase automatically. The overturns and trip-overs from the forklift are the cause of hundreds of hospital cases every year. The severity of the injury increases when some load fall over someone or the operator is ejected from the seat quickly. However, to avoid these consequences, you can follow these safety measures:

  • Make sure the loading is balanced.
  • There is no debris on the forklift’s path.
  • The driver is properly trained to handle these tasks.

The next on the list is whiplash that happens due to sudden brakes to avoid a collision. Another reason for this injury is sudden stepping out of the operator from their seats. Luckily, it can easily be avoided by good training of the operators as well as people around it. Make sure to focus on the aspect to make the use of the Moffett forklift safe.

How Can I Ensure Safe Use Of Moffett Forklift For Sale?

The above-mentioned list includes just a few injuries, there is much more risk involved if you carelessly operate the machine. However, accidents are not the only reason for the injury. They also happen due to a high-stress work environment.

Here is the list of some ways the facility managers can support the drivers:

  • Regular safety training for operators and pedestrians
  • Change the driver seat in the forklift every three years
  • Give them an anti-vibration seat cushion
  • Add a backup handle
  • Ensure the drivers wear a hard helmet
  • Clean the forklift’s path

After buying a Moffett forklift from the manufacturer, just make sure to follow these simple steps to protect your workers. It will ultimately lead to improved productivity of the overall business.