Robotaxi set to take over at taxi firms?

Baidu, a leading AI company, has partnered with BAIC Group’s ARCFOX EV brand to release Apollo Moon, a next generation robotaxi that is set to be produceden-mass, to be used exclusively within the taxi-sharing industry.


Apollo Moon has anestimated operating cycle of over 5 years and is slated to totally revolutionise the transportation sector by giving dependable long-term robotaxi ride-hailing services, said Baidu.


Zhen Li, Senior Corporate VP of Baidu and GM of IDG (Intelligent Driving Group), said: “Backin 2017, Baidu and BAIC Group set up their strategic partnership. Both sides share the same vision and insist upon independent R&D to promote autonomous driving development in China.


In the press conference, ARCFOXand Baidu – the high-end brand of EVs under BAIC Group – committed to a new strategic partnership agreement for the roll out of an impressive fleet of 1,000 Apollo Moon robotaxis in the next3 years. This will allow Baidu Apollo’s fully autonomous taxi-hailing services to penetrate into more cities during that time period, ultimately reaching the goal of sustainable commercialism. In recent times, Baidu Apollo began to push out Robotaxitaxi-hailing services throughout.


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Yao Lao, Chair on the Board of BAIC BluePark New Energy Tech, stated: “With this project, ARCFOX and Baidu will work in partnership to greater explore the very cutting-edge of autonomous driving tech. With ARCFOX’s vastly advanced automotive platform, we are very well equipped to deliver Baidu’s next generation autonomous driving technology to fruition.


“Alongside this, ARCFOX and Baidu are also working to develop anew generation of autonomous driver products. As self-driving cars will change the future world of transport, our end goal is to give users a much smarter and convenient travelling experience. ARCFOX are well respected and active pioneers in the field of autonomous driving, working intimately with an array of leading partners in this industry to help create new experiences via the exploration of advanced futuristic technology.”


The 4 pillars of Apollo Moon lay in its cutting egde technology, great user experience, exceptional quality and affordable costs, says Baidu. For a start, Baidu Apollo Moon uses the “ANP-Robotaxi”, one of the world’s leading architecturenavigation pilot products that reduces the weight of autonomous vehicle kits whilst sharing clever driving vehicle data to create an independent information ecosystem. In combining these features along with a customised LiDAR and linking unmanned redundancy functions, the company unquestionably believesdriverless autonomy will be realised.


Apollo Moon will be built with omni-sensors and computer unit redundancy functions alongside precision failure detection and degradable processing algorithms, whilst 5G remote drive service and V2X may also be supported.


Independent 4-door lock controls, dynamic vehicle identity authority and rear passenger detection tech are now available. To the exterior of the body, an electro display is fixed to the sunroof to display the status of a robotaxi, to allow passengers to safely identify their ride from a distance.


With respect to passenger convenience, Apollo Moon consists of new features including rear seat belt reminders passengers, AI voice assist, Apple/Android app climate control, intelligent car doors and much more.


Currently, Baidu Apollo have 2,900 patents for intelligent driving and possess 244 applicableroad testing licenses, bringing the total testing mileage of closer to 13 million KM that is fast growing at a pace of over 40,000km each day – the equivalent of circling the globe once a day, the company have confirmed.