Top 4 Business Magnetic Sign Mistakes To Avoid

As a business owner, you might’ve assumed that the benefits of magnetic signs are appealing. So, you want to design a new magnetic sign for your company. Creating attractive business magnetic signs isn’t as easy as you’re thinking. Apart from that, the importance of a logo design cannot be avoided at any cost. 

Bad magnetic signs can turn down customers even before they get a chance to interact with your business. This might seem heartbreaking, but it’s a fact. 

Your primary objective is to make the magnetic signs work for you, not against your business. Even successful business owners struggle to create an attractive magnetic sign for their business. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 common business magnetic sign mistakes that you need to avoid. 

Failure to Plan

Planning is extremely important to make your magnetic signs successful. If you fail to plan, it will damage the future of the magnetic signs. Additionally, many people start designing their signs without having a proper plan on their minds. As a result, they end up creating vague or non-attractive magnetic signs that will damage the appearance of their business if used. 

On the other hand, many entrepreneurs design magnetic signs hoping that they can change later. This is another example of improper planning. If you think you might need to change them later, consult with the designer before finalizing your magnetic sign. 

The Design is bad

This is the worst magnetic sign mistake that you need to avoid at any cost. If the design of your magnetic sign is not appealing, it won’t be able to attract customers. The main reason behind bad designs is the arrogance of business owners. Most business owners assume that designing is an easy process and they can handle it all by themselves. While it may work for designing for newspaper ads or campaigns, it won’t work for magnetic signs. 

Hence, if you think that you can develop a good design for your magnetic sign, make sure the produced design will be eye-catching. However, it’s always suggested to consult with professional magnetic sign design firms.

Misspellings and Including Wrong Information

Although business owners avoid using text in magnetic signs, text boosts the effectiveness of magnetic signs. However, if you misspell them, it will immediately create a bad impression of your company. No matter how appealing your magnetic signs are; if the customers notice any wrong spelling, they will immediately start questioning the professionalism of your brand. As per Entrepreneur, spelling is important in business communications

Another mistake business owners make is adding wrong or irrelevant information. Remember that magnetic signs don’t come in large sizes. So, you will have limited space. Make sure the information you include represents the image of your company.

Choosing Wrong Material

Magnetic signs can be wind-resistant but not water-resistant. This is because water will damage the metal as well as the magnets. However, choosing high-quality metals and magnets can help you to withstand water. It won’t become 100% waterproof, but some splashes won’t be able to damage them. 

Many people neglect to choose good quality material and end up creating a bad magnetic sign. Remember that you’ll be using magnetic signs or cars or outdoor events. So, the magnets have to be strong otherwise they might fall off. 


These are the 4 business magnetic sign mistakes you need to avoid. Remember that custom magnetic signs will not only look good but also boost the growth of your business. Always consult with a professional before you finalize your design. This way you’ll make sure that the design is flawless.