Travel to The ’80s with These Slot Games

The casino business is growing fast these days because of the internet. Gaming and sports gambling are being revolutionized by the internet and gaming fans can finally live their dreams virtually without compromising on the fun aspect. Its history began in the 1980s with the introduction of a gambling platform that provided an opportunity to install sophisticated card counters. 


Since then, the number of software vendors for sportsbooks and internet casinos has increased dramatically. This has aided in the growth of online games such as Terminator and Top Gun, which are based on blockbuster movies from the 1980s.


The Terminator


The old generation Y movie ‘The Terminator’ must have thrilled casino software developers. They developed a game bearing the same name and rolled it out in casino houses around the globe. The game brought more explosions and rock tunes to the huge slots holes. 


The Terminator had the ideal blend of incredible, spectacular effects and utterly believable emotional responses. Today, the slot holes are not as wide and the software has been radically upgraded. More importantly, you can now play the Terminator slots and other online casino games in Michigan and win big. 


Top Gun


Top Gun was a game where the gamer uses an F-14 Tomcat jet to destroy the enemy with missiles. The earliest version was Vs. Top Gun and its latter 1980s version was Top Gun. In the game, a gamer was trained and sent on a mission to conquer an enemy and after their victory, the next mission was to conquer a spaceship. 


What was important is for the missioner to land the ship safely. Today, Top Gun game has evolved to the latest versions that you can be play live at casinos or online on a smartphone or computer. 




Most slot games of the 80s were created from concepts adapted from the 80s best movies and most of them adopted the background music and images from the movies. The pipeline was released in the late 80s and played in Superior Ribbon and Play it Again compilations. 

It was an action-based game where the gamer would collect treasures and compete in several quests until they became the Guild Master. The game setting was in an oil field where Red O’Hare would collect oil drums and extinguish fires. Today, Pipeline gamers can fill the pipes in online slots or play live in casinos.


Prowling Panther

Most people are hooked to the best Netflix series, but the pros still like to bet on Prowling Panther slots in casinos. The game that was common in the late 1970s and popular throughout the ‘80s has today developed into an exotic video slot that provides gamers with a whopping 720 lucky ways. The colors are vibrant and the sounds wild, just like the vintage Prowling Panther slots.