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Improving your child’s vocabulary at home- Tips for parents

There is always an importance of boosting the vocabulary of your little one from an early age. Of course, you need not do it all alone. You can always check out fun kids activity classes online at platforms like Yellow Class. These online hobby classes will go a long way in enhancing the vocabulary of your child. Additionally, here are some tips that you should keep in mind above all else.

  • Always describe words- Offer descriptions of every new word that you are coming up with. For instance, suppose you are teaching him/her a word which is tradesman. Talk about the word with your child, describe that tradesmen do, local ones in your area and stores available here.
  • Say things naturally- Once you have described a word, ask your children to come up with their own natural ways for describing the same likewise. Example based learning will go a long way in this regard.
  • Acting out things- By acting out any word or phrase, the child will naturally understand this much better. This may be really advantageous if the child has ample energy and loves running around here and there. For instance, something like joy and merriment can be acted out by your child and yourself alike. This will be a fun activity by all means.
  • Drawing- Make use of paper and pencil and without taking the help of actual terms or words, swiftly draw sketches and images of what the term means. Suppose a word is unhappy. Then you can try and draw a person looking sad for instance. This will help your child understand the basic concept and meaning behind the word in a more effective manner.
  • Analyze meanings- Always teach your little one meanings of prefixes that are commonly used, along with suffixes and other root terms. For instance, multi is one prefix which equates tomany and less which equates to going without or not with something. You should help your little one understand word meanings and what they actually stand for.
  • Writing stories- Using any list of new words should be tactfully dealt with. Ask the child to start writing stories and anecdotes. Your child will have to use all the new words properly. Bringing in words together into the form of a story will kindle the imagination of your child. Encourage your kid to remain more creative and have more fun at the same time.
  • Use the new word as much as possible- If a word is being learnt or used currently, make sure that you keep using it as much as possible. You may introduce the word into your daily conversation with your child as well. This will naturally help him/her absorb the same quite naturally.

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