Which is the Best Medicine for Nightfall Problems?

Nightfall is projected as a somatic problem, but much of it is psychological. Nightfall or wet dreams happens due to provoking dreams at night. The prevalent nightfall causes are excessive consumption of sexually explicit material and lack of physical activity. Nocturnal emission occurs in both men and women and is more frequent in youngsters. Usually, Nightfall subsides with age, so it is not much of a concern. But if you’re having a wet climax of lucid dreams even at the age of 30 and above then you certainly look for doctor and get nightfall treatment as soon as possible.

According to medical opinion, nightfall is natural to an extent. If you occasionally wet the bed, then it is necessary for the healthy movement of semen. Moreover, Nightfall is frequently happening, and you are also feeling weakness in the morning, then the problem has crossed the natural limit.

The problem of wet dreams is easy to diagnose, and it can be controlled by taking some medicines or changing food habits.

Which is the Best Nightfall Medicine

If you are ejaculating by dreaming of some erotic thing and it is happening to you often, then just consult a sexologist once; he will fix it with mental counseling. But frequent leakage of semen can cause many physical weaknesses, which you can overcome with medicine. The best Nightfall medicines are serotonin reuptake inhibitors and Cerestar capsules. Serotonin is a type of anti-depressant that is responsible for better sleep.

Apart from this, there are some home remedies doctors also suggest, and their effects have also been good over time.

  • Regular pelvic floor exercise (morning and before sleeping)
  • Digestible food habits
  • A cold shower before sleeping
  • Avoid caffeine before sleeping

In addition, you can include Honey, onion, bottle guard and yogurt in your diet. If you take these elements with regular exercise, you may encounter nightfall problems, almost.

Reasons for the Nightfall in Men

Nocturnal emissions can happen to anyone, but their frequency varies among people. Nightfall can have many causes since many psychologists also treat Nightfall, so it is also considered a mental disorder.

If you have not engaged in intercourse for a long time, its excitement can also unknowingly ejaculates you. Teens who are masturbating excessively or ingesting pornographic material may also wet the bed. As there is the continuous development of sperms in the body, unconscious ejaculation takes place to remove the contaminated cells.

Research also shows that suppression of sexual thoughts can cause nightfall. When men or women do not have healthy erections and suppress stimulating thoughts, it causes emission as dreams at night.

Apart from all these, if one is consuming hormone stimulating substances in sound quantity, then the frequency of Nightfall will be high in such person. Here are some unpopular causes of Nightfall.

  • Injury in spinal cord
  • Diabetes
  • Brain tumour
  • Multiple sclerosis

Symptoms of Nightfall

If you have no other symptoms other than occasional wet dreams, then Nightfall is normal. But do consult with a sexologist if you’re experiencing the following nightfall symptoms. The delay of treatment can cause male infertility.

  • Abnormal weakness
  • erectile dysfunction
  • Eyesight weakness
  • Pain in testicles
  • Inflammation while urinating
  • Retrograde ejaculation

When Nightfall Medicine Should be Avoided (Myths)

Since people shy away from sharing their things, that’s why they make up some concoctions about it. Similarly, a popular myth about Nightfall is that only men are the victims of nightmares, which is a physical issue. It would help if you respect the opinion of the experts by not falling into such assumptions. Check some other myths about nocturnal emission and time when one should avoid taking direct medicines without asking from Sexologist.

  • 2-3 times in a month is completely healthy
  • if you think nightfall is causing low sperm count, it is just a myth and avoid taking medication.
  • Don; worry, wet dreams won’t spoil your immunity so don’t gulp the medicine dosage having this myth.
  • Teens and men can consume medicine for nightfall problem only when the symptoms are severe, else can avoid it.

Other Treatment of Nightfall Problem

As long as you are not suffering any kind of physical pain due to nightfall, the wet dream is a common occurrence in adolescence. But symptoms of pain in the prostate gland and burning in the bladder are not expected. So if you are suffering from such symptoms, then expert advice is the only treatment.


In the above blog, you have learned to what extent Nightfall is natural and what can be the remedies for unnatural Nightfall. Actually, there are many misconceptions about nightfall and other sexual problems, due to which people cannot access proper treatment. Making this accessible, Dr. Chirag Bhandari has established IASH India, which is located in Jaipur; you can get advice from him through online consultation. Dr. Chirag Bhandari is trained in male sexual disorders from the University of London and has a deep understanding of fertility issues.

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