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Reasons why this is the best CBSE private school in Bangalore!

There are a number of private schools in Bangalore and some of the best CBSE schools are situated in the Whitefield belt. With such a vast choice of schools, it can be a little intimidating when you have to zero in on one particular school and also be sure about your decision. After all, your child’s education is at stake and being a parent, you hold the responsibility of finding a school that delivers what it promises! Hence, with every aspect of education in question, here is a school that has proved its mettle time and again for many years now. Its many awards in the education sector proves the credibility of this institution.

5 reasons why this is the best CBSE private school in Bangalore 

Global Indian International School (GIIS), Bangalore

Campuses: Whitefield and Bannerghatta Road

  • Holistic Development

Many of you might have heard about the importance of holistic education. GIIS has been constantly striving to provide a holistic education and has left no stone unturned in order to achieve this objective. By imbibing award-winning frameworks like the GMP five pillars and the 9GEMS of education,  it has taken holistic education to a new progressive level. And in order to cater to an environment that encourages students,  the campus has been designed to breed creativity and innovation among the students.

  • Smart Campus

The campus is a state of the art infrastructure that houses creative spaces like Montessori lab for kids,  Art and Craft  lab, Library, Audio Visual room, Multi purpose hall etc. In order to cater to sports, it has a splash pool and play area for preschoolers, skating rink, football ground and an indoor sports arena. Apart from this, in order to provide the best of facilities to academic pursuits, the school offers Maths labs, Science labs and IT labs. It also has an infirmary to cater to the well-being of the students.

  • Extra-curricular activities

With the increasing stress on the importance of sports, art and music for  the betterment of self-expression and creative pursuits, the school makes sure that every child hones an extracurricular skill and works on it consistently to become better and better as the term progresses. The school hires professional trainers and guides to give the best of these skills to the students.

  • Co curricular activities

Every student has an innate talent or skill to her credit. In order to provide a platform for different co-curricular activities there are different clubs based on Technology, Robotics, Dance, Public speaking, Science, Sports, Keyboard, Guitar, Math, Poetry, Cooking, Art and a few others. With so much action inside the school, it is going to pique the interest of even the most passive child in the class.

  • A collaborative environment

Global Indian International School understands the need for learning that is based on the collaborative efforts of the students and teachers. True learning happens when both the parties are involved with equal enthusiasm. This way of learning helps students voice their opinions without fear and allows for a friendlier atmosphere. 

  • Scholarships

The school also commits to the upliftment of children whose families face financial constraints by providing a host of merit and merit-cum-means scholarship programs. GIIS recognises these talents and children can apply for these scholarship opportunities even at the preschool level. There are scholarships for technological expertise, academic excellence, skill-based scholarship etc…

  • Crisis Management

GIIS, Bannerghatta road branch is the proud winner of the prestigious IMC Award for “Excellence in Crisis”. During the pandemic, the school has taken intense steps for disaster recovery management and have been very successful in the seamless integration of virtual classes to help children cope with the situation without too many hindrances. Other initiatives like GIIS Healthline and helpline have added to the relief of students, parents and the school staff.


In the 21st century, where technology and entrepreneurship take the wheel, it is necessary to provide an education that emphasizes these important aspects. Children should be provided with the much needed weapons in order to thrive in a global environment and to help grow into leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

GIIS plays the role of one of the best CBSE private schools in Bangalore and stands consistently to deliver what it promises.

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