The Best Remedy For Unbearable Joint Pain

When I was around eighteen years old, I was diagnosed with arthritic psoriasis, which is a painful disease that causes rashes as well as unbearable joint pain. I sat in the hospital among octogenarians who were already desensitized to the pains of life, as they felt sorry for me for feeling like an old lady at such a young age. Many of those old-timers gave me advice on how to remedy my joint pain, and here’s the best thing I ever did for myself.

One particularly sweet old lady found out it was my birthday and felt that I shouldn’t spend it at the hospital. So, she went ahead and told her son to buy me a gift, in an attempt to cheer me up. She has purchased an intex inflatable hot tub, which basically changed my life.

What Hot Tubbing Does For Arthritic Patients

You’ve probably heard that taking a hot shower or bath is great for relaxing your muscles, but hot tubbing is a whole different category. Because my body ached all over, the inflatable hot tub was the best option because it gave me a whole-body massage. This is opposed to the fixed hot tubs (like a Jacuzzi) that tend to focus on muscle groups. I needed my joints relieved of pain, not my muscles – and the inflatable hot tub covered both. Within weeks, I had gotten into the habit of taking two soaks per day, and three if I’m feeling particularly tired. It almost completely took away my pain, without the use of any medications.

How Does The Hot Tub Help?

The hot water helps the muscles surround your joints to loosen up and thus relieves the stiffness that most arthritis patients suffer from. Without this remedy, moving around can be painful. The jet system at the bottom of the inflatable hot tub provides a gentle massage, which I found more relaxing than traditional massages by a masseuse. If I had to make an educated guess as to why that is, I would say that it’s because the jets didn’t apply any sharp pressure on  my muscles and bones but rather created an invigorating feeling that was both relaxing and soothing. I never stopped going to the doctor, but thanks to the hot tub, I stopped visiting the hospital as often as I needed to. Although I still require medication to deal with my overall condition, I found that the hot tub was more effective at pain relief, and there are no side effects. Additionally, pain killers are notorious for patients getting addicted to them, so I am glad I found respite before going too far down the path of pain killers.

Even if you aren’t an arthritis patient, everyone I know who I invited to try out the hot tub with me reported that they enjoyed the relaxing feeling and would like to get one for themselves. It gave me a way to socialize with my peers too, as I was no longer participating in any of the sports activities I used to. So overall, I think that inflatable hot tubs are the best remedy for joint pain.

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